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Cocker Adoption Application Form
We conduct home checks for the purpose of ensuring that the environment is secure, safe and suitable for a Cocker to be kept in.  If during the process of checking a potential adopter’s home it is found to be unsuitable, Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia (CSRA) are happy to work with applicants to address the issues. If a physical home check is not possible CSRA Inc must be provided pictures of your home, and a referee for us to contact. 
We ask all potential adopters to complete a questionnaire so that we can find out more about you, your family and your circumstances. This ensures that the right Cocker is placed with you. 

Before you submit it please read this carefully: 
By submitting this application, I agree that all the information I have provided is correct. Providing untruthful answers or failure to comply with the requirements of this application can result in the rejection of the application. If said information is found to be misleading or untrue after the adoption has taken place, I agree that the Cocker will be returned to  Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia Incorporated immediately.

By signing and submitting this form, I agree to the following: 

•    I agree that the Cocker will not be an outside dog.
•    I agree that the Cocker will not be used for breeding.
•    I agree to allow CSRA Inc to check the references that I provided.
•    I agree to return the Cocker to CSRA Inc should the adoption not work out, or should my circumstances change in          the future, or for any other reason that I am unable to keep him/her.  I will not re-home the Cocker myself.  I                    understand that my adoption fee (minus a $50 administration fee) will only be refunded if this occurs within seven            (7) days of the adoption.

All Cocker Spaniels rehomed by CSRA Inc will be desexed prior to adoption, except under special circumstances, in which case the adoption fee will be waived.  By signing this application, I agree to have the Cocker Spaniel desexed within seven (7) days of the date of adoption.  If for any reason this is not possible, CSRA Inc is to be contacted and other arrangements will be made.  I understand that ownership of the Cocker will not be transferred to me until proof of desexing is provided to CSRA Inc.

We appreciate you taking the time to complete this application.  Upon review and approval, we will contact you.

CSRA Inc reserves the right to refuse any application without prejudice or explanation. 

Thanks for submitting!

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